Apply To Become An Agent

Astral Skills Institute of Australia (ASIA) will only use reputable education agents to recruit overseas students. ASIA will monitor education agent activities regularly to ensure that they maintain the reputation and integrity of Australian Education.

ASIA requires the education agents to:

  • Declare in writing and take reasonable steps to avoid conflicts of
    interests with its duties as an education agent of the ASIA.
  • Observe appropriate levels of confidentiality and transparency in
    their dealings with overseas students or intending overseas
  • Act honestly and in good faith, and in the best interests of the
  • Have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the international
    education system in Australia, including the Australian International
    Education and Training Agent Code of Ethics. ESOS Act, National
    Code, Migration Legislation, Migration Code of Ethics.


  1. Complete Agent Application

  2. ASIA Staff will conduct initial meeting

  3. ASIA will conduct reference check

  4. Complete Agent agreement

  5. Regular Agent performance monitoring and

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