Student orientation is a compulsory program that students must attend. We conduct it on a regular basis to give detailed account of student information and services that are designed for improving your learning
journey with our institute. This involves attending an online or ‘in-person event’.
At the orientation program you will get to understand more about:

  • Support services available including:
    • English language and study support
    • support services that will assist with welfare and/or personal
      circumstances, both internally and externally to our
    • any other relevant services that will assist students adjust to
      life in Australia and/or completing your studies.
  • Contact information or suggestions on how students can access:
    • legal advice
    • medical and emergency care
    • Overseas Student Health Coder for International students on
      student visa
    • information about and assistance with employee rights and
      workplace issues
  • Information about studying in Astral Skills Institute of Australia
    (ASIA), including:
    • locations and the resources available at locations
    • complaints and appeals policies and procedures
    • International Student visa requirements for satisfactory course
      progress and attendance
    • Fee payment and refund policies including Tuition Protection
      Scheme (TPS)
    • Student Handbook
    • ESOS Framework
    • International Student rights and responsibilities.
  • Academic related Information about:
    • Unique Student Identifier (USI)
    • Assessment policy and procedures, course details, work
      placement and timetable
    • Student ID card
  • Educational support services to help our students successfully
    complete their study
  • Introduction to our staff members, student support officers and their
    contact details.
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing of all students inside and outside the
    campus and information on emergency contacts.
  • Guided tour around the campus

Email us on or call 02) 4608 9972 to enquire about the orientation Program dates.

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