Hotel Management Courses After 12th Commerce, Arts with Fees 2024

As the hospitality industry continues to expand, what is hotel management has become a question on the minds of many students completing their 12th grade in Commerce and Arts. Understanding what is hotel management course is essential for those looking to build a career in this dynamic and customer-focused field. This blog explores the various hotel management courses available after 12th grade, their fees for 2024, and guides you on what to do for hotel management after 12th.

Understanding Hotel Management

Before diving into the specifics, it’s crucial to grasp what is hotel management. Hotel management involves overseeing the operations of a hotel, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. This includes managing staff, overseeing the quality of services, ensuring customer satisfaction, and handling financial aspects. Professionals in this field need to possess excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Types of Hotel Management Courses

After completing 12th grade in Commerce or Arts, students often ponder what to do for hotel management after 12th. Several courses cater to aspiring hotel managers, ranging from diploma programs to undergraduate degrees. Here are some popular options:

Diploma Courses

Diploma courses in hotel management are typically short-term programs, lasting from six months to two years. They offer a practical approach to learning and are ideal for students who wish to enter the workforce quickly. Some of the well-known diploma courses include:

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Diploma in Food and Beverage Service

Undergraduate Degree Courses

For a more comprehensive education, undergraduate degree courses are the way to go. These programs usually span three to four years and provide in-depth knowledge of the hospitality industry. Students often ask which degree is best for hotel management; here are some top choices:

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration (B.Sc. HHA)

Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management (BBA in Hotel Management)

These degrees cover various aspects of hotel management, from front-office operations to food production, housekeeping, and marketing.

Course Fees in 2024

When considering what is hotel management course best suited for you, understanding the financial investment is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the approximate fees for hotel management courses in 2024:

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Hotel Management: INR 50,000 – INR 1,50,000

Diploma in Hospitality Management: INR 60,000 – INR 2,00,000

Diploma in Food and Beverage Service: INR 40,000 – INR 1,20,000

Undergraduate Degree Courses

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM): INR 1,00,000 – INR 5,00,000 per year

B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration: INR 1,20,000 – INR 4,50,000 per year

BBA in Hotel Management: INR 1,50,000 – INR 6,00,000 per year

The fees vary depending on the institution, its location, and the facilities provided. Prestigious institutions may charge higher fees, but they also offer better placement opportunities and exposure.

Admission Process

To enroll in a hotel management course, students need to follow a specific admission process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do for hotel management after 12th:

Research and Shortlist Institutions: Identify the colleges and universities offering hotel management courses that match your career goals.

Check Eligibility Criteria: Most institutions require students to have completed their 12th grade with a minimum percentage. Some also conduct entrance exams.

Entrance Exams: Common entrance exams for hotel management include NCHM JEE, AIHMCT WAT, and IIHM eCHAT. Prepare for these exams to secure a seat in a reputed institution.

Application Process: Fill out the application forms for the shortlisted institutions. Ensure you provide all necessary documents and pay the application fees.

Personal Interviews and Group Discussions: Some institutions conduct personal interviews and group discussions as part of the selection process.

Admission Offer: Once selected, you will receive an admission offer. Complete the formalities, pay the fees, and start your journey in hotel management.

Career Opportunities in Hotel Management

Knowing what is hotel management and obtaining the right qualifications opens up a plethora of career opportunities. Graduates can work in various roles within the hospitality industry, such as:

Hotel Manager: Oversee the entire hotel’s operations, ensuring smooth functioning and guest satisfaction.

Front Office Manager: Manage the reception area, handle guest check-ins and check-outs, and address guest queries.

Food and Beverage Manager: Supervise the food and beverage operations, including restaurants, bars, and banquets.

Housekeeping Manager: Ensure cleanliness and maintenance of rooms and public areas.

Event Manager: Plan and execute events such as weddings, conferences, and corporate meetings.

Chef: Work in the kitchen, preparing and presenting food to guests.

The skills and experience gained in hotel management can also be applied to other sectors such as tourism, airlines, and even retail.

Skills Required for a Successful Career

Understanding what is hotel management course and pursuing the right one is just the beginning. To excel in this field, certain skills are indispensable:

Communication Skills: Effective communication with guests and staff is crucial for smooth operations.

Customer Service: Providing exceptional service to ensure guest satisfaction and repeat business.

Problem-Solving: Ability to handle unexpected situations and resolve issues promptly.

Leadership: Leading teams and managing staff efficiently.

Financial Acumen: Understanding financial statements and managing budgets.

Attention to Detail: Ensuring every aspect of the hotel meets high standards.


Deciding on what to do for hotel management after the 12th is a significant step towards a rewarding career in the hospitality industry. With various diploma and degree courses available, students from Commerce and Arts backgrounds have ample opportunities to pursue their passion. Understanding what is hotel management and choosing which degree is best for hotel management are crucial in shaping your future.

One institution that stands out for its comprehensive hotel management programs is the Astral Skills Institute of Australia. Known for its world-class curriculum and industry-focused training, the institute offers a variety of courses designed to equip students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re interested in a diploma or an undergraduate degree, Astral Skills Institute provides a conducive learning environment with experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. The institute emphasizes hands-on learning, ensuring students gain real-world experience through internships and industry partnerships. This makes it an excellent choice for those exploring what is hotel management course, looking to understand what to do for hotel management after the 12th, and determining which degree is best for hotel management to build a successful career in this vibrant field.

As you embark on this journey, consider the financial investment, the skills required, and the career prospects. The hospitality industry is vibrant and ever-evolving, offering diverse roles that can lead to personal and professional growth. Whether you opt for a diploma or a degree, make sure it aligns with your career goals and aspirations.

In summary, what is hotel management is more than just managing a hotel; it’s about creating memorable experiences for guests and contributing to a thriving industry. Choose your course wisely, develop the necessary skills, and look forward to an exciting and fulfilling career in hotel management.

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